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Not only do we deal with designs via aerosol cans for advertisement and decoration. We also arrange logos, prospectuses, shirt`s and other promotion items according to your own tastes. Since 1996 our work has been defined by extraordinary eye-catching designs. In December 1999, we founded the business company SUPERNOVA PRODUCTIONZ to be able to professionally response to individual customer wishes. Illustrations made by spray cans - you should not imagine it only as a coloured, squiggled letters- have the advantage of being a highly interesting media to the public. It captures the viewer`s attention and is a permanent advertisement, which other companies, using regular advertisement, have to pay a lot of money for. By working with graffities, your establishment shows individuality, creativity and profile. In addition, it is to say that our way of figuration is a brilliant prophylaxis against nightly spraying actions. For this protection, which some painter companies offer, do not protect your wall against new daub, you can just get it off easier. So far, our customers are large firms like ENVIA M| Energy Mitteldeutschland AG, Erdgas Südsachsen and Stadtwerke Saalfeld as well as some small-scale enterprises and individual people. Futhermore, towns and communities, such as Schwarzenberg and the city of Elterlein make use of our services, too. Because of this big clientele we can exhibit a great number of graffiti designs which we created according to our clients` ideas. You are very welcome to take a look at our homepage. Here you will find many examples of our work. We are looking forward to working with you. Take care, The Supernova Productionz Team